Syria – Chemical weapons – French-German initiative (5 July 2017)


In the final report issued on June 29 by the fact-finding mission, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) unequivocally confirmed that sarin gas was used in the Khan Shaykhun attack on April 4.

This gross violation of the non-proliferation regime poses a serious threat to international peace and security.

These crimes must not go unpunished and those who perpetrated them must be brought to justice.

That’s why France and Germany, in a joint statement at the OPCW today, are calling for the international community to assume its responsibilities, notably by demanding the swift identification of the perpetrators of these attacks. This statement was supported by numerous states parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention, which co-signed it.

The investigators from the OPCW Fact-Finding Mission carried out their mission in a professional and diligent manner and we reaffirm our full support for this mission. Its report was immediately forwarded to the Joint Investigation Mechanism aimed at investigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria, mandated by the UN Security Council under resolutions 2235 and 2319. We hope that the JIM will be able to fulfill its mandate without any hindrance and swiftly identify the perpetrators of these barbaric acts. The findings are expected to be released by fall.