Syria – Call to abide by cessation of hostilities (July 8, 2016)


France condemns the offensive by the Syrian regime and its backers aimed at surrounding the part of Aleppo held by the opposition.

This offensive violates the cessation of hostilities enacted by Security Council resolution 2268 as well as the “regime of calm” announced by the Syrian regime for Eid-al-Fitr. It shows that once again, the regime and its backers are engaged in a dangerous – and above all military – spiral of violence, with ever larger consequences in terms of casualties, displaced persons and refugees.

France solemnly calls for:

  • respect for the cessation of hostilities and an immediate halt to the bombing of civilians
  • free and unfettered humanitarian access
  • and a lasting political solution to bring an end to the conflict. That is the aim of resolution 2254, adopted unanimously by the UN Security Council. It is also the aim of the statement by the Syrian International Support Group on May 17, which calls for the establishment of a transition government by August 1. The regime’s backers, and first and foremost Russia, have pledged to support that deadline.