Syria – Blocking of humanitarian assistance by the Syrian regime (April 7, 2016)


France condemns the lack of improvement in the humanitarian situation in Syria. It condemns the violations of the cessation of hostilities for which the regime is responsible and the obstacles it is placing in the way of the work of the humanitarian actors, in violation of international humanitarian law and notably UNSCR 2254 and UNSCR 2268.

The situation of numerous towns besieged by the regime is troubling. This is notably the case in the town of Deraya, where the populations, including children, do not have access to medical care and are starving to death.

We call on the regime to put an end to these violations and to allow all populations to have access to the humanitarian assistance they need.

What does France think of the initiative by the members of the Alawite community aimed at distancing their community from the Assad regime following the BBC’s publication of a document entitled “declaration of identity reform”?

If confirmed, this initiative would involve the adoption of an important position by the members of the Alawite community, who, like all Syrians, have suffered as a result of the crackdown. This community must play a role in the indispensable political transition in Syria.

All Syrian communities have the right to live in peace in a Syria that respects the country’s diversity. The only way to achieve this is through a political transition.