Syria – Adoption of Security Council Resolution 2401 on the humanitarian situation in Syria (25 February 2018)


Statement by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs Spokesperson

The United Nations Security Council has just adopted Resolution 2401, demanding an immediate end to the fighting and the establishment of a humanitarian truce lasting at least 30 days in Syria. This is an important first step which should enable help to be provided to the populations in distress, particularly in Eastern Ghouta, where hundreds of thousands of people are under siege from the regime and its allies.

France has acted with determination to ensure that Resolution 2401 makes it possible to stop the indiscriminate bombing, deliver humanitarian aid to vulnerable people and organize the evacuation of the injured and sick people whose situations demand it. France will be both active and vigilant in ensuring that the truce is actually established and respected. It will work with all those who can contribute to this and will play its full role in international humanitarian action.

The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs will visit Moscow on Tuesday 27 February. On that date he will discuss with his Russian counterpart all ways of effectively implementing United Nations Security Council Resolution 2401 and revitalizing international efforts to achieve a political solution to the conflict.