Situation in northeastern Syria – Q&A – From the press briefing (23 October 2019)



Do you have any comment on the Russian-Turkish memorandum on the control of border areas and the Kurdish withdrawal in northern Syria?


We took note of the arrangement reached yesterday by Russia and Turkey. Our priority remains the continuation of the current truce and an end to the crisis through diplomatic means. I refer you, on these points, to the latest conversations between President Macron and his Turkish and Russian counterparts, as well as his readiness to hold a meeting between the heads of state and government of France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Turkey.

The new truce must be accompanied by progress on three priority goals in the region: continuing the fight against terrorism by Daesh and preserving the results achieved by the Global Coalition, with a view to a ministerial meeting of the Coalition, proposed by us; protecting civilian populations and preventing another humanitarian disaster; and resuming the process to achieve a comprehensive political settlement to the Syria crisis, in line with the demands contained in UN Security Resolution 2254.