Northeastern Syria -Q&A - (16 Dec. 21)


Q: A 28-year-old French woman died in a camp under Kurdish control in Syria. Her lawyers say they had alerted you about her health in 2019 and asked that she urgently be returned to France but never received a reply. How do you respond to that? Will France bring home her daughter, who is now an orphan?

A: We learned of the death of a French national detained in the Roj camp in northeastern Syria. The death of a French citizen is always very sad, especially when it occurs in tragic circumstances.

With regard to minors, France remains the European country that has brought home the largest number of children. These operations are complex and dangerous, as France has no effective control over northeastern Syria. The current situation makes such repatriation operations very difficult, but we remain determined and maintain such efforts. If there are opportunities to bring children back to France, the Government takes them.