Syria - Retaking of Tabqa (10 May 2017)

France welcomes the retaking, by the international coalition and its Syrian allies, of most of the town of Tabqa and the securing of the dam on the Euphrates near the town.

Tabqa is a strategic location on the road leading to Raqqa. The retaking of this town is therefore a key step toward swiftly freeing Raqqa from Daesh control, which is a priority for France.

Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing
Q - Do you have any comments regarding the delivery of arms to the Kurdish YPG by the United States and the Turkish protests about this? Is France supplying weapons/equipment to this group which forms part of the anti-Daesh coalition?

A - The priority of the international coalition against Daesh is to permanently defeat the terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq.

The retaking of Mosul and Raqqa is an international security priority.

The types of action to be taken in Syria by the international coalition against Daesh - in which France participates alongside the United States – will be determined on the basis of this priority.

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