Syria - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (30 May 2017)


Q - With regard to Syria - President Macron announced yesterday that Paris and Moscow “would share information” in order to fight terrorism more effectively. What kind of information? Can you give us any details on the French-Russian working group that will be formed? Moscow considers nearly all Syrian opposition groups to be terrorists. How can you share information under those circumstances?

A - The relevant agencies will follow up on the details of President Putin’s visit to Versailles, particularly those relating to counterterrorism – a priority of common interest.

The fight against Daesh

Q - The Wall Street Journal has published a report on the use of foreign fighters by France to target and kill French jihadists belonging to Daesh. Can you confirm that? And what is France’s position on extrajudicial operations to combat terrorism?

A - France is fully committed to the fight against Daesh within the coalition, and conducts its actions within the scope of international law.