Sudan (22 August 2019)


France welcomes the appointment of the 11 members of the Sovereign Council and the inauguration of the new prime minister of Sudan, Abdalla Hamdok; it wishes him every success in the accomplishment of his mission. This step reflects the maturity of the Sudanese people and their aspiration for freedom, peace and justice.

France calls on the new Sudanese authorities to ensure that the transition goes ahead as scheduled and that a government is formed within the specified deadlines, so that it can start resolving the issues still facing the Sudanese people. France urges all Sudanese parties and the various rebel groups to strive to swiftly conclude a peace agreement.

Lastly, France urges Sudan’s external partners to help it complete the transition, through political and economic support, and, in this respect, reiterates its willingness to provide its assistance to the Sudanese authorities.