Sudan (16.05.19)


France is concerned by developments in the situation in Sudan and condemns the violence seen in recent days in Khartoum which killed several demonstrators and left many others injured. It calls on all the parties to exercise restraint. It demands a full investigation into the violence and atrocities, whose perpetrators must be brought to justice.

France calls upon the Sudanese parties to immediately resume negotiations to establish a civilian transition government capable of easing tensions and offering concrete responses to the legitimate aspirations of the population. Recent progress in negotiations between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces (DFCF) are a step in the right direction and must continue.

France hopes that both the Sudanese authorities and the opposition will assume their responsibilities and preserve the peaceful nature of the transition, and open a new page in Sudan’s history. We assure the Sudanese that France stands by their side in this crucial phase.