South Sudan – Fighting in Juba (July 11, 2016)


France is deeply concerned about the intense fighting that has been taking place since July 8 in the capital of South Sudan, which has left scores of people dead and displaced thousands of civilians. We extend our condolences to the victims’ families.

France condemns this violence, especially the violence targeted against the UN and the civilian protection sites. The resumption of fighting, mainly between President Salva Kiir’s forces and those of Vice President Riek Machar, is unacceptable. It poses a threat to the implementation of the peace agreement of August 2015, the goal of which is to put an end to the appalling violence that has been inflicted on the South Sudanese people for far too long.

France calls for an immediate end to the fighting and urges the leaders of this country to commit to implementing the 2015 agreement without delay. As the UN Security Council reaffirmed yesterday, further sanctions could be imposed against those who threaten peace, security and stability in the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development has opened a crisis cell which is working closely with our embassy in Juba and notably aims, in coordination with our European partners, to help our compatriots leave the country if they so wish.