France and Serbia


Political relations

France supports the political and economic reforms undertaken by Serbia since the turn of the century and its efforts towards EU accession. In addition to the EU framework, France and Serbia also maintain political relations, including in the framework of the Berlin and Brdo-Brijuni processes.


  • November 2014: visit by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls to Serbia.
  • September 2016: visit by the Prime Minister of Serbia, Mr Vučić.

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Economic relations

Our trade has increased in recent years (+8% between 2015 and 2016; 15.5% rise in exports) and there remains considerable growth potential. With a restored trade surplus, France is now Serbia’s eighth-largest supplier and eleventh-largest customer. There are 65 French companies in Serbia, where they employ almost 10,000 people. The main French investors in Serbia are Michelin, Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, Tarkett, Lafarge, Bongrain, Atos and Lactalis.

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

Our cooperation supports a plan to revive the study of French in the education system, develops inter-university exchanges, training programmes for cultural professions and promotes research programmes between laboratories. The French School in Belgrade currently has 516 students, at all school levels. The mobility of Serbian students and researchers towards France is a key priority for our embassy in Serbia.

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Other cooperation

Cooperation between France and Serbia is active in a number of fields (support for European integration and administrative reform, defence and the environment) and draws on the presence of French international technical experts. Security cooperation is strong, with enhanced cooperation in policing, judicial investigations and the fight against trafficking. A Regional Unit Against Organized Crime in Southeast Europe was established in Belgrade in 2012.

Updated: 18/12/2017