Saudi Arabia – Yemen – Missile and drone launches targeted against Saudi territory (27 February 2021)


France utterly condemns the missile and drone launches carried out by the Houthis targeted against several cities in Saudi Arabia, including its capital Riyadh on February 27. These new air strikes, deliberately targeted against civilian areas in violation of international law, undermine the security of Saudi territory and the stability of the region, to which France is deeply attached. The intensification of these attacks again reflects the seriousness of the threat posed by the proliferation of drones and missiles to the entire region and the need to respond through a regional diplomatic approach.

France calls on the Houthis to put an immediate end to their offensive in Marib Province, as well as their destabilizing regional activities, and to engage in a constructive manner in a political process to resolve the crisis in Yemen. It reaffirms its commitment to a cessation of hostilities in the country and to the relaunching of discussions on a comprehensive and inclusive political agreement, under UN auspices.