Saudi Arabia - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (17.07.17)


Q - Last October, France announced contracts with Saudi Arabia worth €10 billion. How many of these contracts have been concluded?

A - As Jean-Yves Le Drian noted yesterday, on the occasion of his visit to the Gulf, France and Saudi Arabia “decided to restart French-Saudi cooperation in a more vigorous way.” To that end, the joint commission that has existed since 2015 will meet this fall in Paris and will review our bilateral cooperation programs.

Defense, energy, infrastructure, as well as culture and education will “now be reviewed annually” by this commission, which will meet alternately in Paris and Saudi Arabia.

The minister also emphasized that “this restart desired by the President, who had spoken about the topic with King Salman, is perfectly consistent with Vision 2030, which offers new opportunities to create additional synergies between our two countries.”

Since 2012, French companies have signed €27.5 billion worth of civil contracts in Saudi Arabia and €7 billion worth of arms deals.