Saudi Arabia – Launch of a ballistic missile from Yemen (19 December 2017)


France condemns the firing of a missile against the capital of Saudi Arabia by Houthi rebels on December 19.

This is a further violation of Saudi Arabia’s security; we reaffirm our solidarity with Saudi Arabia in its efforts to address the threats facing it.

The Yemeni parties must resume, without conditions, the peace negotiations under the auspices of the UN and its special envoy, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed. The only way to restore lasting peace and security and to put an end to the tragic humanitarian situation is through a political solution.

For now, France calls on all parties to ensure complete, unconditional and unrestricted access for the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the populations in need, and to allow the reopening of all ports and airports for commercial deliveries, without which the crisis cannot be resolved.

Q - To your knowledge, does Iran have any link to the firing of the missile toward Saudi Arabia on Tuesday? More generally, are the Revolutionary Guards providing weapons to the Houthi rebels?

A - Please refer to the statement that we just made.

We are examining the information available to us. With respect to the allegations relating to the transfer of ballistic missile technology to the Houthi rebels, the relevant information must be thoroughly examined by the UN Secretariat.

With respect to the transfer of weapons, France calls on Iran to fully comply with all provisions of UNSCR 2231.