France and San Marino

Political relations

France has had official relations with San Marino since the French Directory of 1795. A San Marino legation was opened in Paris in 1855. The relationship between France and San Marino do not run particularly deep but are friendly. The Republic of San Marino generally supports France in the international bodies of which it is a member. Since the close of the Consulate General in Florence in 1997, France has been represented in the Republic of San Marino by its Ambassador to Italy. The San Marino Legation in France became an embassy on 30 December 1988.


Official visits between France and San Marino are rare. The Captains-Regents made an official visit to France from 23 to 25 September 1982. They then invited the French President to visit their country and have since reissued this invitation. In December 1985, the Head of Govenmnent, Mr Giordano Bruno Raffi, visited France. Mr Didier Barriani, then Minister of State, visited San Marino on 19 October 1987 to represent the French government at the 4th Biennial of the “Festival des Peuples” dedicated to France (artistic events). Mr Eric Woerth visited San Marino while he was Budget Minister in September 2009 to sign an agreement on the exchange of tax information.

More recently, the two Captains-Regents represented the Republic of San Marino during the COP21 in Paris in December 2015.

Economic relations

Trade between France and San Marino reached €14.1m in 2013, composed of €20.2m in French exports to San Marino and €6.1m in imports. Since 2010, France has had a trade surplus with San Marino, essentially due to the sharp fall in the purchase of French goods by San Marino following the economic and financial crisis.

Most trade between France and San Marino is of goods from the manufacturing industry. Wooden, paper and cardboard products remain the main French exports to San Marino (52%) followed by mechanical, electrical and computer equipment (16%) and chemical products (12%). French imports from San Marino are mainly of mechanical, electrical and computer equipment (74%).

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

A cultural and scientific agreement was signed during the San Marino ministerial visit to France in December 1985. It focuses on the development of exchanges in the fields of scientific, artistic and sports education.

Updated: 2 May 2017