France and San Marino


Political relations

France has had official relations with San Marino since the Directory (1795-1799). San Marino opened a legation in Paris in 1855. Relations between our two countries are limited but friendly. The Republic of San Marino regularly supports France and the candidates it puts forward in the many international bodies San Marino is part of, either within the Council of Europe or the UN system in the wider sense (recently: International Court of Justice, International Maritime Organization, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights).

France has been represented in San Marino by its Ambassador to Italy since the closure of the French Consulate General in Florence in 1997. San Marino’s Legation in France became an embassy on 30 December 1988.


Official visits between our two countries are rare. When he was Minister for the Budget, Public Accounts and the Civil Service, Mr Éric Woerth visited San Marino to sign a tax information exchange agreement. More recently, the two Captains Regent of San Marino represented the country at COP21 in Paris in December 2015.

Economic relations

During the crisis, France produced a trade surplus with San Marino, essentially due to the collapse in French purchases in goods from there. Since the economic recovery, exports and imports have been relatively balanced. Most trade between France and San Marino is in manufactured products.

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

A cultural and scientific agreement was signed in December 1985. It emphasizes the development of exchanges in the fields of science teaching, the arts and sports.

Updated: 26 July 2018