Russia – Unilateral ceasefire announcement (6 january 2023)


The Kremlin’s announcement of a unilateral ceasefire for Orthodox Christmas should not fool anyone. France reaffirms its deep conviction that a just and lasting peace can only come about through the total withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory. That is the only way to end the Ukrainian people’s nearly 11-month ordeal as they bravely fight for their freedom and independence against the Russian aggressor.

This announcement is a gross attempt by Russia to obscure its responsibility while continuing to engage in abuses and to relentlessly bomb every region of Ukraine, targeting vital facilities and civilians in the middle of winter. It is yet another example of Russia’s cynicism, given that it has consistently shown since February 24 that it does not want peace and that it attributes little importance to abiding by its international obligations, including those set forth in the UN Charter.

France reiterates its full support for President Zelensky’s 10-point peace plan, as President Macron told the Ukrainian President during their conversation on January 3.