Russia – International Criminal Court issues arrest warrants for Sergei Kobylash and Viktor Sokolov (7 March 2024)


On 5 March 2024, the International Criminal Court’s Pre-Trial Chamber II issued two arrest warrants against Sergei Ivanovich Kobylash, a lieutenant general in the Russian air force, and Viktor Nikolayevich Sokolov, an admiral and commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, for several war crimes and crimes against humanity during the period from at least 10 October 2022 to at least 9 March 2023.

This is a milestone in the fight against impunity for crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine, recognizing the serious charges hanging over these two individuals concerning the campaign of missile strikes against Ukrainian civilian energy infrastructure. These strikes, pursuant to a State policy by Russia, may constitute crimes against humanity.

True to its long-standing commitment, France will continue its determined battle against impunity. It will go on lending its support to the indispensable work of the international justice system to ensure that every violation of international law and every war crime can be brought to trial so that the perpetrators are held accountable. There can be no peace without justice.