Meeting between Catherine Colonna and Dmitri Muratov, winner of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize (14 December 2022)


Yesterday, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs welcomed Dmitri Muratov, co-founder and editor in chief of the independent Russian newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, and one of two winners of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, at an event attended by Reporters Without Borders (RSF). On December 12, Mr. Muratov opened the RSF Press Freedom Prize awards ceremony in Paris. The Minister reiterated her support for Novaya Gazeta, which is continuing its work despite pressure from the Russian authorities.

At a time when many Russian journalists are fighting under dangerous circumstances to preserve a free and independent press in Russia, France commends them on their excellence and courage and reaffirms its steadfast, determined commitment to freedom of the press, freedom of expression and protection for journalists throughout the world. The work of the independent Russian media is all the more essential given the need to enlighten Russian citizens and combat information manipulation in the context of the war in Ukraine. Access to free, reliable, and quality information constitutes an essential precondition for the effective functioning of democracies and the international system.

France stands with the journalists who have suffered from repression at the hands of the Russian authorities and once again calls on the Russian Federation to fulfil its international commitments regarding human rights and individual liberties.