Indian Ocean - France’s accession to the Indian Ocean Rim Association (Dec. 17, 2020)


France became the 23rd full member of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) yesterday.

This accession reflects the determination of France, an Indian Ocean rim country, to become more involved in the Indo-Pacific region. It acknowledges our country’s work there. President Macron presented France’s ambitions for the Indian Ocean at the Choose La Réunion summit in October 2019. They are based on the development of the blue economy, connectivity, the fight against the effects of climate change, the protection of biodiversity, maritime security as well as the promotion of human and cultural exchanges. This vision will be at the heart of our chairmanship of the Indian Ocean Commission in 2021.

France’s membership of the IORA will make it possible to strengthen the place of our Indian Ocean overseas departments and regions – home to a million French citizens - in their regional environment.

France expresses its sincere thanks to the IORA chair and members for their support.