Qatar - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (18.07.17)


Q - Can we conclude that the minister did not receive any assurances during his visit to the Gulf that the Qatar crisis will have no impact on your trade relations in the region?

A - France has friendly, trusting relations with each of the GCC countries, and on the strength of that friendship and that trust, it expressed, via the President and the minister’s visit, its concern and its wish to contribute to the search for a solution.

In the four countries he visited, the minister had intense, in-depth meetings with his counterparts and the highest authorities. He took the opportunity to discuss our bilateral relations and to agree on the next steps to exploit their full potential. At no time was he asked that France choose between any of its partners.

The dynamism of our trade with all the CCG countries testifies to the caliber of those relationships.