France and Philippines

France and the Philippines

Political relations

High-level visits took place in both countries: President Hollande’s visit to the Philippines in February 2015, President Benio Aquino’s visit to Paris in September 2014 and Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault’s visit to Manila and Cebu in October 2012 (the first visit of a French head of government to the Philippines). Mutual parliamentary visits took place in 2017.

On several occasions, France has expressed its concern about the extra-judicial executions in relation to the fight against drugs.


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Economic relations

In 2016, trade between France and the Philippines stood at €1.66 billion. French exports represented €818 million, while our imports from the Philippines grow regularly, rising from €492 million in 2014 to €845 million in 2016. Our trade deficit now stands at €27 million, and our bilateral trade remains highly dependent on sales in the aviation industry which account for 76% of our exports to the Philippines. Outside that sector, our main export items are agri-food products, electronic components, pharmaceuticals and steel structures.

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

The year 2017, in which France and the Philippines are celebrating 70 years of diplomatic relations, has been marked by the inauguration of the “Phil France: Feel French” Festival, which focuses on events organized throughout the year covering five major themes representing our cooperation as a whole. 2017 has also seen the creation of the first France-Philippines scholarships programme, a major step forward in developing student mobility. Lastly, the effective implementation of the 2014 agreement on cultural cooperation has fostered enhanced partnerships with local cultural actors, enabling the organization of a wide variety of cultural events (architecture exhibition, ballet, symphony concert, etc.).

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Updated: 10.10.17