Peru - Q&A from the press briefing (21 December 2022)


Q: I have a question regarding Peru. Can we get an update on the situation of the French citizens who are potentially still stuck there? Where do we stand?

A: Absolutely. As you know, in order to address the situation of a certain number of French citizens who were stuck there because of the ongoing protests and unrest in Peru, our embassy has established a crisis center, with support from the Crisis and Support Center. This allowed us to facilitate travel for French citizens, who, in the case of tourists who had always planned to return to France, were able to leave from the airport, or in the case of other citizens, to leave the capital. Today, I am happy to inform you there are no more French citizens stuck in Peru. However, of course we are keeping a close watch over our citizens’ safety and we continue to recommend that our travel advisory warnings be carefully followed. As you know, we have stressed that no leisure trips to Peru should be taken. Therefore, we are calling for any non-essential travel, particularly to southern Peru, to be rescheduled at a later date.