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France and Oman

Political relations and visits

Special relations are the prerogative of the United Kingdom and the United States. However, Oman pays close attention to France’s positions and initiatives, the results of which are shared openly.

France and Oman’s Secretary-Generals and Ministers of Foreign Affairs meet regularly as part of a strategic bilateral dialogue (last meeting held in March 2017 in Paris) and a France-Oman joint commission on economic and cultural issues meets every two years or so.

The French Minister of Defence, Mr Jean-Yves Le Drian, visited Oman in September 2016, a few months after the visit in April that year of the Minister of State for Foreign Trade, the Promotion of Tourism and French Nationals Abroad.

Economic relations

The country’s National Programme for Enhancing Economic Diversification (TANFEEDH) could offer opportunities for French companies if they are capable at the same time to provide suitable financial solutions (private and public).

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

Culture and heritage are the primary focuses for France’s cooperation with Oman and France supports the sultanate’s efforts to promote its heritage. The French and Omani authorities have also decided to renovate the Bait Faransa Omani French Museum together.

The context is also very promising for the teaching of French, which has been introduced in four pilot schools for late-secondary students. Enrolment at the French school has doubled in five years. The Franco-Omani centre receives 500 French learners every session.

Updated: 19 December 2017