North Korea – New designations by the UN’s 1718 Sanctions Committee


France applauds the UN 1718 Sanctions Committee’s designation of three ships involved in the transshipment of oil for North Korea in violation of Security Council resolutions.

These are the UN’s first designations since March 30. France reaffirms its concern over the increasingly elaborate strategies adopted by North Korea to circumvent sanctions, as reflected in several reports by the UN Panel of Experts. We also give credence to analyses showing that North Korea has exceeded the annual cap for importing refined petroleum products authorized by UN Security Council resolutions. We reiterate our full support for the Panel of Experts and our commitment to its independence.

In this connection, France calls for the effective implementation of international sanctions, which were decisive in bringing North Korea to the negotiating table. The unity of the international community remains vital in this regard. We offer our support for current diplomatic processes and call on North Korea to implement concrete, specific measures to bring about full, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization in accordance with Security Council resolutions.