What is France doing to help the civilian populations subject to the barbarity of Daesh?

From a humanitarian perspective, France is conducting a series of complementary actions including providing emergency aid to people fleeing the fighting, welcoming refugees and supporting victims of ethnic and religious violence.

In addition, France is mobilized to ensure that the crimes committed by Daesh, which the United Nations deems to be war crimes, crimes against humanity, and in some cases, crimes of genocide, do not go unpunished.

International criminal justice

France believes it essential that the crimes committed in Syria, Iraq and Libya be referred to the International Criminal Court and is continuing to work to this end. It supports the work of the United Nations and civil society to document the atrocities committed by Daesh and the other parties to the conflict. In particular, it supports the efforts of the Pinheiro Commission of Inquiry for crimes perpetrated in Syria.

Humanitarian assistance in Iraq, Syria, Libya and the initial host countries of Syrian and Iraqi refugees (Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey)

Since 2012, France has been supporting projects implemented by international organizations and NGOs to provide emergency assistance to populations fleeing from combat zones and to support host communities in Syria’s neighbouring countries. At the London Conference in February 2016, France announced that it would raise €200 million in donations for the 2016-2018 period, including for youth and education, focusing on Lebanon, and to support cross-border assistance projects. France also announced that the French Development Agency would provide €900 million in loans and concessional loans for Jordan.

Welcoming Syrian and Iraqi refugees

As recalled by the President of the French Republic, Europe must welcome asylum seekers in dignity. France hosts refugees under its European commitments but also under a resettlement and humanitarian admission programme set up with the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees. It also issues other types of visas to Syrian nationals.

Support for the victims of ethnic and religious violence in the Middle East

On 8 September 2015, alongside Jordan, France co-chaired an International Conference on the Victims of Ethnic and Religious Violence in the Middle East. This Conference led to the adoption of a three-part action plan (political, humanitarian and legal) in order to support persecuted populations. On that occasion, a €10 million national emergency fund was set up for 2015-2016 in order to fund initiatives for accommodation, education, vocational training, health, training on mine clearance and the fight against impunity. Furthermore, the AFD will contribute an additional €15 million to economic and social development projects in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq to support refugees and host communities.

Compliance with international humanitarian law

Finally, France is taking action to ensure compliance with international humanitarian law, including humanitarian access and stopping attacks against civilians in Syria.

(Updated: March 2017)