Union for the Mediterranean – Meeting between Nathalie Loiseau and Fathallah Sijilmassi (Paris, 21 July 2017)


Minister for European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau is meeting today with Fathallah Sijilmassi, the secretary general of the Union for the Mediterranean.

Ms. Loiseau will reiterate our support for the Union for the Mediterranean, the only forum offering both a regional dialogue bringing together all the Mediterranean partners and the development of concrete projects to bring the two shores of the Mediterranean closer together.

Established in 2008 at France’s urging, the Union for the Mediterranean has 43 members (28 EU Member States and 15 Mediterranean nations).

It has already sponsored 47 regional integration projects in areas as diverse as cleaning up the Mediterranean, sustainable energies, higher education and research, civil protection, sea and land motorways, and support for SMEs.

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Photo : F. De la Mure / MEAE