Gulf - Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing (2 August 2019)


Q : Germany is apparently rejecting a request to take part in the naval security and/or observation force in the Persian Gulf following the recent incidents involving tankers. Do you have any comment given European efforts to strengthen military preparations and objectives within the EU?

A : The freedom of navigation in the Gulf is key to regional security and global trade. Discussions are continuing with our interested European partners, notably the United Kingdom and Germany, on the political, diplomatic and operational aspects of a measure aimed at avoiding escalation in the region and improving security in the Gulf.

This includes: at the political level, our efforts to de-escalate tensions and to ensure that Iran returns to full compliance with its obligations under the agreement brokered in Vienna; at the diplomatic level, our discussions with our European partners in conjunction with our regional partners in order to establish the conditions necessary for inclusive regional dialogue on maritime security; at the operational level, our willingness to continue work on a European initiative to increase our understanding of the situation at sea and to facilitate the safe passage of vessels in the region through appropriate means.