Fight against Daesh – United Nations – Draft Security Council resolution (New York, February 12, 2015)


A new draft resolution on the financing of terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, notably Daesh and the Al-Nusra Front, will be put to a vote at the Security Council this afternoon. France has decided to co-sponsor this draft resolution, which falls under Chapter VII of the Charter.

Following resolution 2170 (2014), this text strengthens states’ obligations in the following areas in particular:

  • the condemnation of all direct or indirect trade, notably in oil and associated equipment, with the targeted terrorist individuals or groups, subject to the imposition of sanctions. The states must inform the relevant UN committee of any transfer of oil or associated equipment in their country to or from these groups;
  • the condemnation of the destruction of cultural heritage, including religious cultural heritage, in Iraq and Syria. The states must take measures to prevent the illegal trade of cultural property, especially archeological property;
  • outrage at the kidnappings, especially of women and children, as well as their exploitation, including their sexual exploitation.

France is mobilized in support of the fight against terrorism on all fronts: military, the search for political solutions to the conflicts, and financial.