Fight against Daesh – Ministerial meeting of the international coalition (London, January 22, 2015)


Laurent Fabius will travel to London tomorrow to participate in a meeting of the countries of the international coalition against Daesh. Following the conference in Paris on September 15 and the ministerial meeting in Brussels in December, this meeting will provide an opportunity to take stock of our action and to continue coordinating our strategy.

Alongside our coalition partners, we are taking action on several fronts. On the military front, we are lending support to the Iraqi armed forces, the Peshmerga and the Syrian moderate opposition. We are also combating the movements of foreign fighters, the sources of financing and supply for the terrorist group as well as its sectarian propaganda. We are also lending support to the populations that have been affected by the humanitarian crisis in Iraq as well as in Syria.

On this occasion, Laurent Fabius will reaffirm that the only way to weaken and push back Daesh is through the implementation of lasting political solutions.