France and Niue

Our relations with Niue are handled by our Embassy in New Zealand.

Emergency assistance was provided by France in 2004 after Cyclone Heta hit Niue, as part of the “Franz” tripartite agreements (France, Australia and New Zealand) providing for coordinated assistance for natural disasters in the South Pacific. France provided financial assistance to rebuild Niuean government buildings, alongside the New Zealand Aid Programme (NZAID) and the Niuean authorities.

Niue has been on the French list of non-cooperative States and territories in the area of taxation since 2010.

Niue was represented by its Minister for Natural Resources, Mr Billy Talagi, at the 4th France-Oceania Summit in Paris, chaired by the President of the Republic and in the presence of the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister and the Minister for Overseas France.

Updated: 15/06/17