Nicaragua - Q&A from the press briefing (4 June 2021)


Q : Cristiana Chamorro, who seems to be head of state Daniel Ortega’s most serious challenger in November’s presidential election, was put under house arrest after being accused of money laundering. Does that compromise the “free and independent” electoral process that France is calling for?

A : We learned of Cristiana Chamorro’s house arrest on June 2 and the suspension of her civil rights, making her ineligible for Nicaragua’s general election this November.

France strongly condemns these measures, which are incompatible with a free, fair and transparent electoral process. It demands their nullification and Ms. Chamorro’s immediate release.

These decisions are part of a worsening climate caused by several measures adopted since the end of 2020 that interfere with fundamental liberties and are accompanied by unacceptable pressure on the opposition, independent media and civil society. France urges Nicaragua’s government to abide by its international commitments on human rights and fundamental liberties.

The implementation of a free, fair and transparent electoral process ahead of November’s elections is the only way to resolve the political crisis in the long term. France supports the efforts of the Organization of American States in this regard.