Myanmar – Preliminary report by the UN International Fact-Finding Mission (28 August 2018)


The preliminary report published on August 27 by the UN International Fact-Finding Mission, commissioned by the Human Rights Council, confirms the extreme seriousness of the accusations against the Myanmar army.

France is extremely concerned by its findings that charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, which fall within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, could be brought against the Myanmar army.

It calls on the international community to take resolute action to collect and retain evidence in order to ensure that the perpetrators of crimes against the Rohingya population are brought to justice.

France is working with its partners, notably at the Security Council and the Human Rights Council, to ensure that all of the consequences are drawn from the conclusions of the Fact-Finding Mission. We commend the work of the mission and await its final report. The public meeting of the Security Council on August 28 provided an opportunity to take stock of the situation in Myanmar and to consider all of the possible outcomes.

We reaffirm that, together with our EU partners, we have strengthened the arms embargo on Myanmar and that in June we imposed sanctions on seven senior military and border patrol officers who perpetrated serious human rights violations against the Rohingya population.

As the preliminary report emphasizes, combating impunity is a necessity in dealing with the tragedy of the Rohyngas, as is dealing with the deep-seated causes of the crisis, which will lay the necessary groundwork for the safe, voluntary return of Rohingya refugees to their homes in Myanmar, in accordance with the tripartite agreement signed by the Myanmar authorities, the HCR and the UNPD. In this regard, we reiterate our full support for the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy.

As the conditions for their return are not in place, international assistance for refugees in Bangladesh and for displaced persons in Myanmar remains essential. France has provided €7.2 million in aid since the beginning of the crisis and the EU has provided €91 million.