Myanmar – General elections (8 November 2020)


General elections organized by a democratically elected civilian government have taken place in Myanmar for the first time in 60 years. This is an important step toward building a democratic society in the country.

France, like its EU partners, encourages all of the parties to accept the outcome of these elections and to engage with the civilian government that will emerge from this election. The efforts to promote good governance and democratic reforms must continue in order to allow the sustainable economic and social development of the country and to guarantee the political and economic rights of all, including the Rohingya.

We want the election process to be completed in the electoral districts in which voting could not be held and for ethnic and religious minorities to be able to play their full part in the elections.

France is an ASEAN development partner and will continue to resolutely support the strengthening of its political, economic, social and cultural relations with Myanmar.