Burma/Myanmar – UN Security Council statement on the situation of the Rohingya (New York, 6 November 2017)

France welcomes the Security Council’s adoption, on November 6, of a Presidential Statement on the situation of the Rohingya in Myanmar. This is the first such statement on Myanmar since 2008.

During his speech at the opening of the 72th UN General Assembly in September, the French President indicated that France would take the initiative at the Security Council in view of the persecution being suffered by the Rohingya community. After a closed-door meeting organized in conjunction with the United Kingdom and involving Kofi Annan during the French Security Council Presidency in October, this unanimously adopted statement spearheaded by France and the United Kingdom sends a strong, unanimous message from the international community.

It condemns the attacks and violence perpetrated in Rakhine State and demands that the Myanmar government guarantee humanitarian access and the voluntary return of refugees in conditions of safety and dignity. It also demands that those responsible for human rights violations be prosecuted and applauds the Myanmar government’s commitment to implementing the recommendations of the Advisory Commission on Rakhine State chaired by Kofi Annan. The Security Council also calls on the Myanmar government to consider the deep causes of the crisis in Rakhine State and to guarantee respect for human rights and equal and full access to citizenship for all individuals.

This text requires the UN secretary-general to report to the Security Council on the evolution of the situation in 30 days and encourages him to consider appointing a special advisor on Myanmar.

This is one step forward and is part of the positive momentum demonstrated by the international community with a view to helping to resolve this crisis.