Morocco - Q&A - Excerpts fron the daily press briefing (August 22, 2016)

Q - In a speech delivered on August 20, on the anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People, the King of Morocco, in his capacity as Commander of the Faithful, denounced the exploitation of Islam by extremists and fanatics for the purpose of spreading extremist, blasphemous, terrorist ideology. What is France’s opinion of the King’s call to Muslims, Christians and Jews to close ranks to tackle fanaticism, hatred and reclusiveness, and his call to Moroccans around the world to defend peace, harmony and prosperity in their various countries of residence?

A - In his speech of August 20, King Mohammed VI sent a message of peace and tolerance. He denounced as “unforgivable madness” the July 26th assassination of Father Hamel, which horrified the entire world. This was particularly important to France.

It applauds Morocco’s commitment to opposing fanaticism in all its forms and renews its wish to work together, as part of an exceptional partnership, to prevent and combat radicalism and terrorism.