Montenegro - Meeting between Harlem Désir and his counterpart, Aleksandar Andrija Pejovic (Paris, June 1, 2016)

Harlem Désir, Minister of State for European Affairs, will today receive Aleksandar Andrija Pejovic, State Secretary for European Integration and Chief Negotiator for Negotiations on the Accession of Montenegro to the European Union.

Image Diaporama - Photo : B. Chapiron / MAEDI

Photo : B. Chapiron / MAEDI

Image Diaporama - 001. Photo : B. Chapiron / MAEDI

001. Photo : B. Chapiron / MAEDI

This meeting will provide an opportunity to take stock of Montenegro’s European rapprochement, as well as preparations for the Paris summit on the Western Balkans due to take place on July 4, at the invitation of President Hollande.