Moldova – Early parliamentary elections (11 July 2021)


France applauds the smooth unfolding of early parliamentary elections in Moldova on July 11. According to the preliminary conclusions of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) these elections were well run and competitive and fundamental freedoms were largely respected.

These elections represent an important new step forward in consolidating democratic principles and the rule of law in Moldova. They must be able to offer the Republic of Moldova the stability that is critical to its development and prosperity.

France hopes that once the election is certified and its results are officially proclaimed, a new government may be formed swiftly in order to effectively combat the health crisis, fight corruption, revive the economy and undertake – under the association agreement with the EU –the deep reforms needed to transform and modernize the country.

France stands ready to support the implementation of such a plan, both on a bilateral level and in conjunction with its EU partners.