Sahel - Jean-Yves Le Drian’s participation in the General Assembly of the Sahel Alliance and the G5 Sahel Summit (Nouakchott, 25 Feb. 20)


Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, will visit Nouakchott in Mauritania on February 25, to take part in the General Assembly of the Sahel Alliance and the G5 Sahel Summit.

The General Assembly of the Sahel Alliance – the first since the creation of the Sahel Alliance on July 13, 2017 -, which will be chaired by the minister, is aimed at ensuring high-level international mobilization in support of the joint commitments to promote development in the region. This meeting will provide an opportunity to review the efforts of the Sahel Alliance which has already mobilized €12 billion, and to work even more effectively. A month after the summit in Pau (January 13) which launched the Coalition for the Sahel, this general assembly will make it possible to further focus efforts in fragile regions and to implement innovative methods. By emphasizing development in priority areas, based on an integrated territorial approach, the Sahel Alliance will work toward creating greater synergy between the security pillars and development, in keeping with the goals of the Coalition for the Sahel.

During the 6th Summit of the Heads of State of the G5 Sahel, the minister will report on the work of the Sahel Alliance and take stock of the implementation of the joint commitments made at the summit in Pau on January 13 with respect to the four pillars (military engagement, capacity-building of the G5 armed forces, support for the restoration of state and local authority, stabilization and development).

The minister will underscore the concrete support of France and the EU for the G5 Sahel Joint Force, by presiding, together with Jutta Urpilainen, European Commissioner for International Partnerships, and Arancha Gonzalez, Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, a ceremony for the handover of seven armored personnel carriers.