Malta – Lifeline (3 July 2018)


At the behest of President Macron and the Prime Minister of Malta, nine countries including France implemented a concrete cooperative solution for the disembarkation of 234 migrants from the Lifeline vessel in Malta during the night of June 27.

In cooperation with Maltese agencies, the HCR, the IOM, and OFPRA were able to conduct several dozen interviews that allowed them to draw up a list of 52 people in need of international protection and whose transfer to France will be organized in the coming days.

This response demonstrates the importance of coordination among European partners in a manner that respects international law. It is the same cooperative approach that inspired the conclusions of the last European Council on June 28-29, particularly with regard to the project of establishing “controlled centers” on EU territory. It is about establishing solidarity among member states in order to identify those people who are eligible to receive protection, and to organize the return of those who do not qualify.