Mali – United Nations – Sanctions (6 September 2017)


France welcomes the unanimous adoption on September 5, at the request of the Bamako authorities, of UNSCR 2374 establishing a sanctions regime for Mali.

This resolution makes it possible to the freeze assets of and impose a travel ban on individuals who hamper the implementation of the peace and reconciliation agreement. It will make it possible to impose sanctions on those who violate the ceasefire or deliberately undermine the peace process, as well as on those who support them through the proceeds of trafficking, notably of drugs and persons. It notably targets those who plot, support and carry out attacks against the local institutions or international forces, prevent the delivery of humanitarian assistance, violate human rights or recruit child soldiers.

This sanctions regime is an additional tool to help advance the peace and reconciliation agreement in Mali. It seeks to hold the stakeholders in the peace process to account. France took note of the Malian government’s communiqué yesterday paying tribute to “France’s active role in ensuring the adoption of the resolution.”