Mali - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (02.07.19)


Q - In central Mali yesterday at least 23 civilians were killed in an attack on their villages. This follows multiple attacks in recent months. Do you believe the French strategy in the region is proving effective?

A - France condemns in the strongest possible terms the attack that took place in central Mali on June 30.

The deployment of the state and Malian public services, the disarmament of militias, and the rapid response of the justice system are more essential than ever to ending the cycle of violence.

The international community is providing support to Malian security forces for this purpose. MINUSMA’s mandate in central Mali was strengthened, at France’s initiative, by UN Security Council resolution 2480 adopted on June 28.

France welcomes the Malian president’s appointment of former President Dioncounda Traoré as high representative in charge of mediation efforts and a team to coordinate the restoration of government services in the central region.

Along with the EU and other Sahel Alliance partners, France is engaged in reconstruction and development efforts in Mali and will provide support for initiatives taken by officials to bring development and stability to the region.