Mali - Q&A - (8 Nov 2021)


Q: After ECOWAS, will France take individual sanctions against the members of the ruling junta in Mali for their failure to abide by the election timetable?

A: Like all of its EU partners, France supports the efforts of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in Mali.

In line with the conclusions of the Foreign Affairs Council on October 18, the EU is currently working on the possibility of adopting restrictive measures in support of ECOWAS efforts against those who are standing in the way of implementing the transition.

The Foreign Affairs Council will return to this point on November 15.


Q: What is going on with Wagner? Does France believe there is still a risk that the Malian Government will hire this mercenary company?

A: Like the EU and ECOWAS, France has repeatedly expressed its deep concern over discussions under way between Mali’s transitional authorities and the private military company Wagner.