Mali - Q&A - (07 Apr. 2022)


Q: Tomorrow will be the first anniversary of the kidnapping of Olivier Dubois. His family is criticizing the Ministry for not keeping it informed of the latest developments. How do you respond to that?

A: In terrorist kidnapping cases, discretion is crucial to the effectiveness of the government’s efforts and the safety of our compatriots who are being held hostage. This need for discretion means that we never communicate on current operational efforts or any information obtained as a result. Since the day he was kidnapped, we have been working relentlessly, through various appropriate government channels, to obtain Olivier Dubois’s release.

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs offer its full support to Olivier Dubois’s family, to assist them as much as possible as they go through this ordeal. The Ministry’s Crisis and Support Center (CDCS) is the institutional body in charge of contacts with the families of our compatriots who are being held hostage. In keeping with its mission, it maintains close contact with all of Olivier Dubois’s family members, his parents and sisters in France as well as his ex-companion in Mali. It offers them support and conveys all the information that it is able to share on his situation, and systematically responds to all of their requests.