Flight MH 370 - Offical statement (Paris, July 30th 2015)


An airplane part was found on the beach on the morning of July 29, near the village of Saint-André, on Réunion Island. Its origins have not yet been identified. No hypothesis can be ruled out at this stage, including the possibility that it came from a Boeing 777. The part has been turned over to French judicial authorities.

The Malaysian authorities have been conducting a joint investigation into the disappearance of MH370 since March 2014 with several other nations. France is providing its full support for this investigation, to keep it moving forward in close coordination with the legal investigations in the concerned countries.

The French authorities have been in close contact with the Malaysian and Australian authorities since the disappearance of flight MH370 on March 8, 2014, and attribute the utmost importance to any piece of any information that might illuminate the circumstances of that tragic disappearance.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development is in regular touch with the families and keeps them informed of any new developments.