Libya - Statement by the spokesperson (17 Jun. 2020)


The main obstacle to the establishment of peace and stability in Libya now lies in the systematic violation of the UN arms embargo, notably by Turkey, despite the commitments made in Berlin at the beginning of the year.

France is not taking sides in Libya and has always said that there can be no military solution to this conflict. Over the last few weeks, it has been working toward relaunching negotiations in order to swiftly conclude a ceasefire agreement under UN auspices, within the framework laid down in Berlin. Turkey’s support for the ongoing offensive by the Government of National Accord runs directly counter to the efforts – in which we are involved - to bring about an immediate truce. This support is coupled with the hostile and unacceptable behavior of Turkey’s naval forces toward NATO allies aimed at impeding efforts to implement the UN arms embargo.

This behavior, like all foreign interference in the Libyan conflict, must stop.