Libya – Signing of a ceasefire agreement (23 October 2020)


France welcomes the signing of a ceasefire agreement between the Libyan parties. The success of the direct talks within the framework of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission, under UN auspices demonstrates the aspiration of all Libyans for sovereignty in the face of foreign interference. France commends the Libyan parties for their sense of responsibility and applauds UNSMIL’s efforts.

This agreement is an important step toward a sovereign, stable and united Libya, involving the cessation of military operations, the departure of foreign mercenaries from Libyan territory, the dismantling of militias, the unity of all in the fight against terrorism and an end to the arms embargo violations, in accordance with the principles agreed upon at the Berlin conference and the discussions in Hurghada in Egypt.

France welcomes the holding of the forthcoming inter-Libyan political dialogue in Tunisia. It reaffirms its attachment to ensuring that the process moves forward in an inclusive manner, under UN auspices, with a view toward the swift holding of elections based on the parameters agreed upon by the Libyan people. Libya’s neighboring countries must be fully involved in this process.