Libya – Q&A from the press briefing (20 Jan. 2020)


Q - How do you assess the results of the Berlin summit on Libya?

R - The consequences of the Libya crisis on the humanitarian situation, on Libya’s stability and on the security of North Africa, the Sahel and Europe are a concern for France, the European Union and all Libya’s neighbours. Yesterday in Berlin, in the face of this situation, the international community expressed its unity and its determination to support the United Nations’ efforts to achieve a solution to the crisis in Libya.

The priority must now be to swiftly implement the priorities set out yesterday in the declaration adopted in Berlin. In particular, the truce announced must lead to a lasting ceasefire, full compliance with the arms embargo and an end to foreign interference.

We must tackle the causes of the present crisis simultaneously, by working towards the dismantling of the militias, control over Libya’s resources for the benefit of all Libyans, and the resumption of direct political dialogue between the Libyan parties. The Berlin conference sent a clear message to this effect to the Libyan stakeholders, who were present. Libya’s neighbouring countries and the African Union will have to be closely involved in this process.

Read the conclusions of the Berlin Conference on Libya of 19 January 2020.