Libya – Q&A from the press briefing (10 Sept. 2020)


Q. Hello, as you know, Morocco is making considerable efforts to mediate between the various Libyan parties to restore peace in that North African country.
Morocco had hosted the Skhirat conference, which resulted in the formation of the Libyan government that is currently recognized by the international community.
On Sunday, Rabat hosted a meeting between Libyan parliamentarians on both sides with a view to a lasting reconciliation.

How does France assess Morocco’s efforts toward the resolution of the Libyan crisis?

To what extent can Rabat’s mediation effort complement the Berlin process and all of the international community’s efforts?

A. France applauds the efforts by the Kingdom of Morocco to revive the inter-Libyan political dialogue. Initiatives supporting inclusive political discussions in Libya, especially by the countries of the region, are vital to bringing about an end to the crisis.

There is no military solution to the Libyan conflict: an end to the crisis will be political in nature. We therefore call for the resumption of the inter-Libyan political dialogue in an inclusive format under the auspices of the UN. Morocco’s efforts contribute to this.